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Johninfo Law Firm, a subsidiary of Holiday Sino Group, is an expertise in the business visa-obtaining and immigration from China to Australia. Professional lawyers from Australia, Hongkong as well as Mainland constitute our efficient lawyer team. Among this repositary,we have as our chief lawyer John Zhuang, who has been an Australian resident for over 2 decades and now an lawyer employed by advanced court of justice of New South Wales(NSW), Australia. He has pursued various postgraduate degrees,including Master degree in Syney University, Australia’s top 1 university, Doctor Degree in Canberra State University and Master Degree of law in Syney Technical University。

With outstanding and professional lawyers both from China and Australia, Johninfo Law Firm characterizes itself as profession and authority in the field of business visa-obtaining and immigration from China to Australia.

In the “Manual for Immigration to Australia” published by Australia Government, Johninfo Law Firm is included in the list of “Recommended Law Firm”, being the only Law Firm with Chinese as the chief lawyer. And this serves as a fine indication of Johninfo Law Firm’s profession and reputation。