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The premises, named “Blue Sea & Sky”, is located in the intersection of Xunjiang Road & Jiyuan Road in Jimei Area, being in close proximity to the eastern sea. Not only advantaged geographically, it is also scenic and full of culture.


East Xunjiang Road is along the best coastal line, here assembled are hotels of 5-star, and villas. Along this coastal form south to north are Aoyuan, Jiageng Park and Mangrove Park. These together offer an immediate change between metropolises and peaceful village.


Xiamen Bridge, Jimei Bridge are nearby while Xiamen North Station and Gaoqi Airport can be arrived in 10-min bus. Each traffic means offer the same convenience.


“Blue Sea & Sky” provides 2 kinds of house, villas and garden house respectively. Occupying 151,500m2, it has a total of residential area of 101,000m2 with a housing density of just 19.8% and 45% of the construction area afforested. These, together with the architectural style of Southeast Asia and neoclassicism, has made “Blue Sea & Sky” a really coastal advance premise only for residence.


selva style is employed in the landscape design and great efforts are made on the landforms, plant, appearance, color, waterscape and entertainment. Being in it, you may have the feeling of being in the tropical rain forest on a holiday.


Such advanced security facilities as Intelligent Facilities, electrical inspection are installed assure the absolute security of the owners and their properties.


PS: aerial view and related pictures