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Being a direct subsidiary of Holiday (Australia) Investments Group in Xiamen,China, Holiday Sino Group has developed its own subsidiaries in various fields with the field of real-estate being the priority. The fields Holiday Sino Group involves include Real Estate, Biotechnology, property & store management, sale and maintainance of air conditioners and elevators, Import & Export, law office for immigration toAustraliaand cultural exchange betweenChinaandAustralia.


The past 20 years has seen the changes and development of Holiday Sino Group with that of Xiamen Special Economic Zone. A Comprehensive Group now it has become with its international mechanism, humanistic management and pragmatic operation.


With head office in Xiamen, Holiday Sino Group has attempted to have the proven success introduced to other regions ofChina. There are now under-construction premises in Jiangxin province, Shandong Provine, etc.


As a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, Holiday Sino Group has aggressively contributed to promote the cultural and education exchange betweenChinaandAustralia. On one hand, it helps in the friendly relationship-establishment of Tongling City,China& Kogarah City,Australiaand Jingdezhen City,China& Auburn City,Australiarespectively. On the other hand, it sets up bilingual schools in cities where investments are made, generating qualified persons for the education exchange betweenChinaandAustralia.